This year my garden has seen an explosion of wild strawberries, they are everywhere, not only in my backyard, but also in the front in the side bed. I wonder who I have to thank for this development, the birds, the chipmunks, or the wind. What I particularly enjoy is the fact that all of the pretty white flowers hold the promise of a tasty red fruit afterwards. The plants themselves aren’t too picky about their home, they have proliferated in the stones right next to the pool, the clay rich soil of the other gardens in the back and rich soil in the front. I remember finding just a couple wild strawberries twenty years ago in the back corner and being so excited over the find, who knew that twenty years later, my gardens would be the home of so many wild strawberries.

I remember planting the “mother” rose bush off to the side of the backyard some fifteen years ago, not knowing that rose bushes give off shoots as their way of growing and expanding. I got the idea, about three years ago, of transplanting these shoots only after seeing them be mowed down because they were sprouting in the lawn. All it took to transplant these small shoots was to dig them up, they didn’t even have conventional roots with the white tendrils, just the root itself, I didn’t do anything other than dig a hole near the pool amongst the rocks and plant the shoot and three years later I have a young rose bush full of lovely, aromatic blooms, easy peasy. I did the same in the front, this time it was two years ago and I have two tiny rose bushes blooming in the front, very exciting in my opinion. Now if only every plant made it this easy lol.