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My husband was in the mood for asparagus soup, I had never made it before, but it was only recently that we had both tasted an excellent asparagus soup at, I forget which restaurant, apparently my husband hadn’t forgotten about the soup though where we ate it didn’t rate staying in the memory banks, lol. I searched for recipes and from what I read, it was very straightforward and simple; a pound of asparagus, onions, chicken stock and cream as an option. We had four bunches of asparagus, I chopped two onions, sautéed them, I peeled the asparagus to get rid of the tough skin, chopped them into one inch pieces and sautéed them with the onions and then simmered it with chicken stock. When the asparagus was tender, I used my stick mixer and puréed the soup, when I tasted the asparagus soup, I was expecting a fresh, spring taste, but it wasn’t there. I asked my husband to taste and asked him what he thought it needed. He immediately came up with an answer, broccoli and spinach,  both were available in our freezer. We have the Ninja blender that can pulverize anything and it rendered the frozen broccoli and spinach liquid in no time, he added the purée to the asparagus soup and though the soup didn’t taste like what we had at that restaurant, it tasted a whole lot better and looked more appetizing to boot.

Cooking as a team can be much more effective at times than cooking solo, I was lagging creatively in that moment and my husband jumped in to the soup’s rescue, lol.