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Today I had another follow up visit with my oncologist Dr. Mullally, I am so lucky to have him as my doctor. The first thing he did was come in, give me a big bear hug and tell me congratulations. He was thrilled with the results of the endoscopic biopsies, negative and that my treatments proved successful. I have had more than my share of doctors and he is a singular figure in medicine where he is so caring and so affectionate, you feel like a friend cared for and important. I have never felt like that before, some of my doctors had nice bedside manners, but nothing compared to Dr. Mullally’s.

Basically for this coming year, I will be visiting with Dr. Mullally every other month, getting PET scans every three months and getting blood work when I am visiting with Dr. Mullally, my health will be kept well on track under his watchful eye.

Between my husband, our children and Dr. Mullally, I was in the best hands during my ordeal. I know how extremely lucky I am with my wonderful outcome, I am very grateful.