Happy Memorial Day everyone! Today is a rainy morning in Blandford, our Memorial Day parade is scheduled for 11:30, it seems that the rain is letting up so I think the parade will be able to go on as planned. For a small town, Blandford does a wonderful job, the fearless leader who is in charge of the organizational duties to put on the parade, the speakers and the dedications is our next door neighbor Doug, I can’t remember him not doing it. I wonder if this year is our turn to have the high school band in our parade, nowadays the hill towns alternate the use of the high school band, years ago, both of our children took part in band and we used to follow them from town to town on Memorial Day, that was when the high school band took part in all of the hill town parades, it was crazy zipping from hill town to hill town.

Today is a day of reflection and respect for those who sacrificed their lives for our nation, my husband’s family had served in World War Two but they luckily made it back home. My family had served during the World Wars, but that was in France. That doesn’t stop me from recognizing and honoring the sacrifices that so many gave in order for us to continue to enjoy our way of life.

So everyone have a safe and happy Memorial Day!