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My husband and I do not share the same outlook when it comes to dogs on beds and dogs on couches. He delights in sharing his couch with all three dogs, while I grudgingly set aside space for Lulu and Jack but with Stanley, I draw the line, Lulu sometimes gets the hint that she needs to get off as well. More often than not, when I am sitting on my couch, I have my iPad on my lap, deeply involved in reading articles and subsequently writing commentary about my readings, my iPad and I aren’t conducive to crowding by dog. Jack in his defense has been used to sitting on my lap for the past five years so I try not to put him off, but Lulu is too big to be a lap dog as is Stanley, the two still haven’t accepted that small fact.

When it comes to bedtime, I draw a huge line against having big dogs hog the bed, Jack being only 14 lbs sleeps with us at his own peril. He’s allowed because he doesn’t wake me, no matter what he does, I am sure he comes and goes from underneath the covers and I don’t care, he doesn’t wake me up so he satisfies a prerequisite, do not bother Maman when she is sleeping. Lulu and Stanley are bothersome when they are on the bed and so I shoo them off, while my husband gladly hugs them and kisses them. He does shoo them off when he is ready for bed, but at 5:00 in the morning when Lulu’s tummy’s rumbling, all the rules of “off the bed” go out the window and both Lulu and Stanley stand over your head, licking your cheek trying to wake you in the most affectionate way possible, while Jack sneaks out from where he was sleeping, somewhere underneath the blanket and starts talking to the back of your head, while you try to pretend you’re still sleeping. My husband is much nicer than I, he gets up right away, when I’m alone, I pretend to sleep, to try to stay in bed as long as possible, I usually manage to stave them off until 6:30 which is much better than 5:00.