The weeds are most definitely calling, as I was taking pictures of pretty flowers that have just made their appearance, I was tallying up all of the work that needs to be done. It is hot outside, 87 degrees and Blandford is without a mountain breeze today, not conditions conducive to weeding, at least the way I still feel.

I had just come back from the doctor’s, we are weaning me from my pain medication, I still have pain with swallowing, it’s better now, but I am still not 100%, I fatigue easily and the 2 hour round trip made me tired enough to tell myself weeding will wait for another day, it’s not as if the weeds will disappear, they’ll be there for me to pull when I feel up to it.

I took a few pictures of buds developing and maturing, signs that summer is coming, though I am not in a rush for summer, I’d like to enjoy spring to its fullest.

I was so happy to see my oregano make an appearance, I tried to keep the Rosemary alive this past winter, but I failed and all of my sage and thyme have died off as well, back to the drawing board for me and my dreams of perennial herbs.