There are definitely days when leftovers are a godsend especially if the original dish was something that you really liked in the first place. I am not the biggest fan of chicken, but when it comes to sautéed breaded chicken cutlets, that’s chicken I can say yes to, roasted chicken is another way I like it prepared, I guess I don’t dislike chicken all that much as long as it is cooked the way I like it. Tonight I don’t have to cook because I still have breaded chicken cutlets and sautéed zucchini in tomato sauce with onions, garlic and Parmesan cheese in the refrigerator and after a day of cleaning half of the house, I’m happy to know I can pop a plate into the microwave and viola dinner is served.

I remember when I was a teenager, I disliked leftovers, mostly because I wasn’t the one in charge of getting dinner on the table. Fast forward thirty years and leftovers have become a welcome friend in the household. When I was preparing the zucchini and the chicken cutlets, it took a while to bring all of the components together to make a finished product, but once finished I knew I had a few days of meals and I could relax at dinner time. 

Making the zucchini is so easy, all it takes is patience to chop the two onions into small dice, slice six zucchini into uniform slices, smash and chop four cloves of garlic, once that is done, you sauté the onions first, to get them translucent and then you add the zucchini slices and the smashed garlic and let it saute until done, I add the tomato sauce and the Parmesan cheese and I have a delicious vegetable. My mother taught me how to make the breaded chicken cutlets, it is so simple, I slice the chicken cutlets in half and pound them thin, I dredge them in Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and I saute them in olive oil. Like I said, it takes patience to slice and pound all of the cutlets, then dredge them and then saute them but having several days worth of chicken to eat makes all of the work worthwhile.

Bon appetite to me.