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My husband and I are back in New York, we decided to stay in the city and this time all the way downtown, near the Wall Street area. What’s funny is that despite the fact that I grew up in New York, living in Astoria, I am as much a tourist when it comes to the financial district, as any other of the million tourists that visit every year. Downtown Manhattan is not like the rest of the city, it isn’t on a perpendicular grid, the streets meander and weave in and out without much sense so you can get lost quite easily or at least I think so, I made sure to get a map of the area from the hotel before I ventured out. I do like how everything is smushed together, it makes for interesting pictures with skyscrapers erupting out of the ground alongside historic monuments from revolutionary days. This area is wonderful when it comes to giving you a true sense of history, much more than all the other neighborhoods in the city.