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I thought that with the mild winter, my plants, bushes and weeping flowering tree would have emerged unscathed, but I was wrong. My purple flowering azalea, which has been a stunning bloomer for over a decade, produced nothing, not a single blossom, I have new growth which I should be grateful for, but I miss seeing all of those purple flowers because it is truly a showstopper when it is completely covered in purple.

My two little azaleas that I had transplanted to a better location are barely alive, I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, I suppose I’ll leave them alone and hope that they recover during the summer, they really look so pitiful right now.

My poor weeping tree looks frail, it’s leaves aren’t full and there are no blossoms whatsoever, I’m really disappointed because ordinarily this tree would be covered completely in deep pink blossoms and it is magnificent. I don’t know what happened, maybe the weather completely confused it, we did have warm weather followed by frost and perhaps that killed the blossoming process, I can’t say, but it is distressing.

Out of all of my trees, I was surprised that the old honeysuckle did fine because it has still to recover from the ice storm of 2008, but my honeysuckle is a trooper, the scent will be amazing when the flowers open, they smell so sweet, just like candy. I love walking past the honeysuckle, stopping and burying my nose in its small yet powerfully fragrant flowers, it’s heaven.

I did get a cool surprise, the purple grape hyacinth came from nowhere, I certainly didn’t plant it. I wonder who dropped it off, it could have been a bird, a chipmunk or a squirrel, whoever did it thank you, I really appreciate the added splash of color in my garden.

My gardens are filling up with color even with the hiccups of nature. I need to be grateful for what has survived and what is thriving, no complaining, it doesn’t do anything productive.