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I have raved about our daughter’s homemade chocolate chip cookies in the past, they are quite addictive, you can’t have just the one. This time instead of baking cookies, our daughter lent her talents to sculpting a cake for her soon to be ex-co-workers as both a going away present and good-bye. She is leaving her position at the Volkswagon car dealership which is why her cakes are decorated with the Volkswagon logo and shaped as the Volkswagon beetle. I think she did an excellent job, her little Volkswagon beetle is adorable and for someone who has never decorated cakes before, she rose to the occasion. I wouldn’t have done half as good of a job as she did, I don’t have the decorating gene in me.

I hope her co-workers appreciate the work she put into the cakes, we got to taste the odd pieces of cake that were sculpted away and the cakes were both tasty and moist. My impression is that the going away party is going to be bittersweet, I know her manager doesn’t want her to go, yet I am sure that he wishes her luck in her future endeavors. I don’t know how many workers go out of their way to bake cakes, decorate them with a special theme as a sign of appreciation and thanks for the work experience. We are very proud of our daughter.