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When I took these pictures from my bedroom window yesterday, I wanted so much to find a way to communicate how wonderful my bedroom smells with the breeze wafting in the lilac perfume right outside. I inherited the white lilac and the purple lilac right behind it from the previous owners, I couldn’t have picked a better bush to put right outside the house. It is something I look forward to every spring, smelling the delicious odor of the white lilac, you can’t purchase anything that smells as pure and clean, even though perfume manufacturer’s try really hard to mimic its scent.

My only complaint is that lilac blossoms leave too soon, I wish lilac bloomed all spring and summer long, but if that were the case, would I appreciate it as much? I think I would, unfortunately nature’s rules won’t allow for me to find out, I have to be happy with the short window of its beautiful blossom.