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My little bamboo forest, which has been one of the banes of my gardening experience, has come back as healthy and vibrant as ever. I swear, if there is nothing else that I can count on in my garden, it is the bamboo coming back with a vengeance, no matter how many times I pull them up or dig them out. The bamboo in my garden self-propagate on two levels, by their insane root system and secondly with their seeds transmitted by their late summer flowers, it is a full-time job to stay ahead of their spreading everywhere. This year I am fatigued so the bamboo are being left to their own devices, I may end up regretting not doing anything this spring season, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

I have to admit that if the forest stayed like this, young, tender and short, I may be inclined to not hate them as much, but they will rapidly grow out of control and annoy me, I can promise you that.