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Boston is wet today and will be wet for a few more days, but the rain doesn’t diminish Boston’s loveliness. I was quite surprised to see so many pretty daffodils still in bloom, we’re in Blandford where it’s colder on average and our daffodils dies back weeks ago. Boston had some rather warm days which normally speeds up the dying back process, apparently these daffodils didn’t get the memo, I’m happy because it made for some pretty pictures.

We’re back at the Intercontinental, our second “home”, the pictures outside our room are the same as I have taken in prior posts except that in those pictures the sun was out and shining, a different take than what I am showing today, a soggy waterfront. 

I haven’t been to Boston since before I got sick, I missed the place, Boston is such a lovely city, I feel very much at home here even though it isn’t my native city. We’re here because my husband has business, I have myself to entertain which means walking about, taking pictures and writing about it later. A nice way to spend the day, at least that’s how I see it.