Make fresh pasta! I have had the experience of making fresh raviolis once before, it was a lot of work and it was years ago, but this time was different. I took the excuse of having extra egg yolks to make fresh pasta in order to use my new kitchen equipment, pasta rolling attachments. This being the second time doesn’t mean it was any easier, I still had a time of it with getting the dough together, it is much stickier than any other dough I have worked with, it’s only egg, salt and flour and it makes for one sticky mess quite a bit before you have anything resembling a ball of dough.

Once the dough was together, it rested for an hour to allow for the gluten to develop, I then cut the dough into four equal pieces in order to make feeding it through the attachment more manageable. It worked out fairly well, I think, for a first timer, though I think I wasted more dough than I should have, some pieces didn’t go through the fettuccine pasta cutter attachment and got stuck making for others to get a little stuck as well. However in all fairness to myself, my hard work did pay off with a nice resulting pasta dish, fettuccine with butter and Parmesan cheese. Unfortunately all this work only yielded 2 nice large servings, I can’t imagine how the Italian Nonas make their fresh pasta everyday, I couldn’t, I’d be exhausted and fed up after a week.

Now that I have the attachments, I have to make fresh pasta more often, but I think I’ll wait a while before jumping into the pasta dough process once again.