Herald Square just outside of Macy’s is where my mother and I spent a few hours doing the dutiful New Yorker thing, shopping. Actually my mother was the conscientious consumer, I kept my money in my pocket which I often prefer doing, better in my pocket than out into the hands of someone else, I know I am the worst consumer and negligent of my economic duties as a consumer in society, but my habit has been around for too long and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. My mother does her duty very well, responsibly yet generously at times, she keeps this economy humming along quite nicely.

Afterwards we went to Park Avenue to walk towards Citarella a food shop to get items for tonight’s dinner, an omelette with potatoes and mushrooms.

 The cascading purple flowers whose name eludes me needed to be taken as a picture, they are gorgeous, they may be covering the townhouse’s window’s on both floors, but maybe the people would rather look at their flowers then the people, I don’t know. If I lived there (had the millions to live there) maybe I would be happier with the view of purple flowers, I can’t tell you. I don’t have millions.

The tulips I took today put yesterday’s tulip to shame, but I am partial to the lovely tulip from yesterday because it’s my mother’s.