It’s still real early for forsythia but I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my blossoms. I am disappointed that the closeups aren’t clear and crisp, that’s what you get when you rely on a cellphone. The focus afforded to the dead leaves was not the effect I was going for to be quite honest LOL.

In a week I think the entire shrub will be littered with blossoms, I’ll be sure to cover it with pictures because the shrub encased in yellow is a beautiful sight to see.

I’m not at the point in my photographic life to invest in a real camera but I’m thinking that one day that decision will be made, when that day comes I have a few people in my life that will be instrumental in helping with my choice in hardware. It’s not for tomorrow so I won’t dwell on it any longer.

Tomorrow is another day for picture taking and I haven’t the foggiest as to what my subject will be and that’s okay, you’ll be the second to know. Lol