What happens when you crave pizza? You make it. At least that is what I did, though it’s been a little while since I have made pizza at home, I didn’t expect to have the headache I got trying to make it successfully today.

First it started with the pizza dough, it didn’t rise as much as it should, could it be the yeast or the water temperature? Second my oven was giving me no end in sight of trouble, it wouldn’t heat up to 500 degrees, it got to 325 and there it stayed. I left each of the pies in the oven for at least 30 minutes, over cooking the cheese, yet still getting the dough cooked all the way through. In the end,  I still ate 5 slices, I was really hungry. This endeavor took several hours all in all. What an adventure in pizza making, I’m still glad that I took the time to suffer through this because it really it the spot or maybe my craving was that serious. Who knows, but as you can see I have pizza left over to satisfy the next craving.