Today I went outside with my cellphone thinking I had already taken all of the flowering pictures already, I thought I was going to come up empty handed, boy was I mistaken. All it took was patience and an open eye. I didn’t except the beautiful purple pansy to have come back from last year, I didn’t expect the delphinium to look so healthy alongside the vinca minor. I was very happy to see the healthy crop of flowering buds on my lilac bush by the pool, all these little surprises help me with my mood. It’s hard to be sad when you see so much new life, especially life coming back from winter.

I am working very hard on keeping my mood bright and optimistic, but it’s hard at times, there are many hours that aren’t filled up chores and things, those empty hours are easily turned into negative ones, it’s only by sheer will that you turn these hours into positive times. Picture taking, no matter how trivial is one tool that has helped me manage my moods. 

I love my plants and I am so happy that my plants are coming back, more slowly than those who don’t live on the mountain, but nevertheless I am getting my springtime jamboree.