When our motley crew is gathered together calmly, they are more than adorable however this frame only lasts for a short time. I am trying to hold on to my patience but they are bound and determined to use their Maman as a punching bag. Normally I laugh and get them back in check but these days I feel my fuse getting short and it’s hard to gently tell them to stop jumping on Maman and to stop using Maman as another chew toy. I feel the correlation between how fragile I feel and how short my patience is, I’m working on it. Thank goodness it is beautiful outside because I am taking advantage of our big backyard to keep them occupied.

My delicate purple spring flowers are everywhere, both in the front and in the back, very discreet but a nice touch of color that surprises you as you walk around.

I am looking forward to this weekend, supposedly it is going to be glorious, we need it, I have had enough of chill and rain, I want warmth and sun.