Today was my last day of having that dreadful poison coursing through my veins. I am both excited and anxious, the torture is over but now without knowing if the cancer is gone, I feel vulnerable because nothing is left fighting the cancer if it is still there. I’m going to have my PET Scan on May 5th and May 6th I will find out the results, again I am reminded of Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride “I hate waiting”. Though I must say that they are making it pretty quick, it could be scheduled for June instead of early May so I should stop complaining and be grateful.

I don’t know how I feel, I am a jumble of emotions today. I think exhaustion is primordial within my emotional output so I am going to rest up and watch General Hospital, that always relaxes me. Moreover tonight is a night of comedy on ABC so I am going to turn off my thinking brain and allow my laughing part take over, simple as that,  I choose to laugh and unwind. Often enough, it is all that it takes, making the choice to laugh. I choose that.