This trip was during the week I couldn’t do chemo because my platelet count was way too low and what a great trip it was. My husband and I took advantage of the great variety of fantastic food available all around our favorite hotel. I took the opportunity of my great vantage point to take pictures, these are taken from the 30th floor, New York never gets old. One of my favorite moments during our little trip is the dinner we had at Vesso’s Italian restaurant. We had a spectacular large thin crust pizza and then being gluttonous we ordered another large thin crust pizza to go and bring back to the room. It was still early, we had the first pie during the early bird special dinner time. I love the blue haired eating schedule, it allows for even more eating later on in the day. Lol.

My husband after 25 years still manage to have fun together no matter where we are or what we are plotting to do.