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Today is my last round of chemo, the hardest one to boot. I haven’t been looking forward to it even though it is the last one. My last round of chemo was such a nightmare and these past two weeks recuperating were so lovely, making a pecan pie, enjoying my spring flowers and playing with the motley crew.

I may have been recuperating physically but emotionally I have been demoralized fighting against depression and anxiety. This has been a tough fight, it is almost over but the uncertainty is still to be, I won’t know for sure anything for at least two months.

I hope getting back into the rhythm of writing will be helpful, I know I need some comfort and succor and writing does it for me.

The pecan pie was a hit, my mother gave me her seal of approval, no small feat.

Stanley has grown into a giant and he isn’t done growing!

Spring flowers are putting smiles on my face as I walk outside, when the sun eventually comes out I am sure the light will brush the darkness away.