This photo was just a week ago and you can see the redness start to really develop around my upper chest area because of the radiation. Today was my 7th radiation out from the 33 total, I am almost home free, hooray! 
Today is definitely not looking as good. It looks horrible but I find this easier to deal with then the chemo. Chemo makes me so tired and ill, it also messes up with my internal temperature and it is killing my taste buds and tastes all at the same time. I am having a harder time dealing with chemo even if the chemo is only every other week. Crazy isn’t?

I am feeling excited about having a week left of radiation, however,  I still have four chemo treatments left and it seems to be a lot. Maybe I won’t feel like that when it will be the chemo separated away from the radiation and dealing with one torture at a time is easier?

I’m getting there, little be little.