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Remember the beautiful orchid my son got me? It lasted quite a long while in bloom, I read that if you wanted to continue having blooms, you needed to transplant the orchid, once the original blooms started to fade.

With the warm weekend, I felt inspired this morning to transplant my orchid from its decorative pot to its permanent glass bowl, I hope I did it correctly, I followed the instructions on E-How to transplant my orchid. LOL I’ve never done this before, I’ve only tried to keep them alive, keeping them in their original pots and they have all died so I hope this time I am lucky. 

The Calla Lilies, next to my transplanted orchid, are going to need to be cared for until I can transplant them outside, they are perennials, so I’m sure I can find a nice little home for these guys come Spring; maybe I can fit them in with my new primroses that I have to keep alive as well.I have a small “nursery” at this point that I must nurture for a fairly long stretch that seems to get bigger each fall. LOL