What a glorious day! We needed to return to Cooley Dickinson Hospital in order for me to get one of my two shots over the weekend, the shots are called neupogen injections and they will help increase my white blood cell count so that I may continue with my chemo and my radiation treatments. After the injection, easy as pie, we went for sushi, I didn’t eat anything raw, I had shrimp tempura and eel in two different specialty rolls while my husband and our daughter ate sushi. Afterwards we took a nice long stroll and back home.

The 4 nights I spent in the hospital were tough, I had to wait for pain medication while they figured out my needs and such, I couldn’t just get up and take something, waiting is very hard when you are in a lot of pain. I’m happy I’m home. However I was grateful to be under the care of those wonderful nurses and doctors; their names or at least some their names are: my Doctors Sean, Z , Rockwell and Chavani with the help of nurses Jeanne, Kim, Mary, and Barb. I had a great team. I can’t forget my radiation team, nurses Sara, Mary and I am having a brain cloud, well they know who they are and how wonderfully they help me. I’m tired now.

I am very lucky and I wake up every day knowing full well how lucky I am.