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 This is where the nightmare started on Monday morning, I thought everything was fine with my port but unfortunatately the doctors disagreed with me, they said that they sensed a misalignment and it needed to come out. I was nervous about the procedure, I had a feeling it was going to interfere in managing my pain and I wasn’t too far off.

At one point, I knew I had to get another port to continue my treatments and stability overall in terms of emotional and physical health. This must sound so easy but staying at 145 to 150 lbs is going to be so frequently icky for me. However, the entire scene opened my eyes and ears wide open though the grace now meant for me at 140.lbs, where I could stay healthier so that I wouldn’t be subject to additional and potentially complex procedures. 

I finally get it, 145 means less risk of reaction whereas low body weight may mean more risky episodes demanding a few hospital stay which I am not okay with. 

Today is Tuesday night, I have been released from bondage, my oxygen tube is gone, my chemo tubing is out, my I.V is gone for the moment and for the life me, how did this moment in time become really good?
Finally I have been unattached from every tube and I.v