Right now I am a crosswords with the things I can drink and eat, the detour has happened with the temperature.  Now if the drink or food is too cold, getting it past the Troll sized tumor has become painful to the Middle Ages version of torture. I think that I have stood up to the cancer for long enough and I need to start exploring other options; such as a feeding tube for one and medical marijuana as the second.

Right now I am simmering a potato and leek soup, soup has a legendary status in my family over in France, they will not eat a meal without it, well that is an exaggeration for 99% of my family, the one who literally stands away from the pack is my Ton Ton Leon. He cannot imagine a meal without a soup, his soup gets its own wine, just like a dessert would, it is one of the most important features within the meal.

If I have made this soup a thousand times, I wouldn’t be surprised. As I was speaking to our daughter, while I was making it, I asked her if she remembered the last one I have made, she couldn’t, I said “that’s funny enough because I fell right asleep  after making the soup, but if I hadn’t, I would have taught you that I make the soup the exact same way time after time.  This soup like so many others can be catalogued for years to come, it should be started with a type of journal and tools such as a butcher’s knife and an immersion blender. My soups are all formulas and proportions, nothing difficult.

For example:

3 chopped onions, sauteed until caramelized, 

8 leeks using the whites only, which are split in half and then sliced in half inch pieces and soaked in cold water to get rid of the dirt, drain them in a colander and add them to the caramelized onions.

6 cloves of garlic smashed and chopped and added to the leeks and onions along with salt, pepper, thyme and oregano.

I peeled 4 small to medium potatoes, sliced them into pieces and added to the soup after which I added I box of organic chicken stock and 3 cans of organic chicken stock.

I did all this as I had the fire on medium and then I put it down to low for about 40 minutes, I wanted the potatoes cooked so that I could pulverize them into a creamy soup and I got my wish.