My dear friend Mary, left me a lovely surprise on our breezeway just the other morning, three pots of primroses, with the sweetest card. We are essentially planning to put these in the garden come this Spring, my challenge is to keep them alive and healthy from now until then, not much pressure don’t you think ;)?

In Norse legend the Primrose was Freya’s flower and stood for young love, moreover, the primrose was also seen to represent the woman. The petals on the blossom stood for the various stages of life – birth, initiation, followed by consummation. Then there’s repose and in the end, death. I think when it is all taken together in context, Mary chose very well, we are all involved in the circle of life, some do it prettier than others and the Primrose most definitely does it delicately and sweetly. I can’t wait to plant them with Mary this Spring, we are going to have a nice time planting together.