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I had to dig out my funky glasses from France, because I have snapped the plastic rims of all my reading glasses, the ones that come in packages of three at T.J Max, hanging in the aisle right next to the cashier, part of the impulse buy department each store uses as their secret weapon.

I am sitting in the infusion center at Cooley Dickinson watching t.v and talking to my husband, who in between conversations and shows, checks in with work through the magic of WiFi, we have about an hour and a half left, we had a wonderfully constructive conversation with Doctor Z, the pain management specialist, he gave me a more nuanced understanding of what I should be doing for myself in relation to what level of pain and anxiety should be acceptable. According to Doctor Z, I was operating under a misunderstood notion of what should be acceptable, pain is not acceptable nor is anxiety and he was here to give me permission to accept the idea that pain-free is the goal, anxiety free is the goal and suffering in silence in very, very contradictory to getting well.


 Having my husband with me during these conversations is vital because he  reminds me of the concerns and the questions I had just over the weekend, without him involved, my doctors wouldn’t get the full picture of what I deal with when they are not there. He serves a very important function, trust me, my husband is more than just a handsome face. πŸ˜€