In my mind if you have everything in the picture above, you can do anything, not just soup but so many other things, such as stews, sauces, rice dishes, there is nothing that you cannot do, if you have this simple grouping on hand.

My soups are all very simple, an onion or two diced and sauteed until translucent, I add the chopped garlic at the last minute with the vegetable, I add about two chicken stock packages and then I add the salt, pepper and thyme, if it’s butternut squash, I use thyme and sage, otherwise I keep it simple, salt, pepper and thyme. The last step is to use my immersion blender, I like my soups thick so I reduce it for a bit before I puree the thing, but if it’s too thick for your taste you can always add more chicken stock. Soup is very hard to mess up, trust me.

I wrote this post with my friend jmgoyder.wordpress.com in mind. She has gotten to making soups lately and I wanted to share some ideas and recipes.