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 My husband took me and the dogs for a walk. LOL

 It was his idea which I thought was so sweet, he knows how much I love walking the dogs and for him to offer to take us was a very lovely gesture. It was a great idea because we haven’t walked Stanley on a leash since before Christmas and I don’t think Lulu or Jack have been either, so those two were chomping on the bit, but Stanley was his usual mope yo- bope yo self, walking up ahead and sitting down to wait for us. He is such a mellow dog, Lulu and Jack were on sniff patrol, they acted as if they hadn’t sniffed anything in the park for a thousand years while Stanley lumbered after them, mildly curious. 

It felt good to get out into the fresh air and it was such a mild day in Blandford, a real pleasure to stroll in the park. I had so much fun with my husband and the dogs. It gave me the boost I needed today.