Soups are one of my favorite foods to eat and thank goodness for that because as soon as this week passes, my irradiated esophagus will probably only welcome soups and maybe other softer items as well. Over the years of writing, I have shared many recipes of my go to soups such as butternut squash, broccoli soup, cauliflower and broccoli soup and cauliflower and leek soups. These soups are my favorite because I love the texture, the creaminess and the heartiness provided by a simple marriage of vegetables, chicken stock, aromatic and spices. You just can’t go wrong, I puree them because it means you don’t have to worry about dicing everything uniformly and I love thick soup, but without the cream, so either potatoes or vegetables stalks provide the added fiber to give the impression of creaminess, an easy enough trick to pull off.

I am going to spend some time in the kitchen showing my son and my daughter how to make these soups, not just to feed me, but to feed themselves when they decide to leave the nest and go out on their own. They know how to make main course meals, but soup is in another class by itself and they need that skill in their repertoire.