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Yesterday I was blessed by the two young ladies in my life, my daughter and my son’s girlfriend, they both gifted me with notebooks designed to distract me and inspire me. My son’s girlfriend’s book is the one titled Inspiration and that I will keep by my side to use whenever literary inspiration hits me, ideas come to me or if I need to vent my fears and frustrations.

My daughter gifted me with the most aptly titled book Cancer Sucks,  I laughed when I saw it, it suits the both of us to a tee, my daughter thought and rightly so that I could use it to get back to doodling, scribbling and drawing. So today I didn’t let any grass grow underneath my scratch pad and I doodled for the first time in a very long time. It might not seem like much, but I like this free flow type of doodling, no rhyme no reason, just the flow of the pen following my mood across the paper.

I got some great gifts. My son’s girlfriend made me a care package with not only the notebook, but a whole bunch of other items that I will need later on during my recovery; warm socks, black tea, lip balm and fragrant soap with an Eiffel Tower on the box, she made such a thoughtful gift box, I am very honored.

My daughter’s gift touched my heart because she was so excited to give it to me, saying that she wanted me to get back to drawing, I had no idea that she thought my doodling so worthwhile. I made a point to christen my drawing scratch pad immediately to show her how much her gift means to me. 

I hope my doodling gets better with practice. Lol