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My mother and I walked around Union Square for a bit and then we meandered up to Bed Bath and Beyond located on 6th avenue and 21st Street. The sky was glorious and since I won’t be back to New York for at least a good six weeks, I wanted to take a few pictures to look at and cheer myself up with, New York with blue skies is always a lovely sight.

If you look at the stark difference in the sky between my pictures, the ones looking uptown towards an icy blue sky and then the ones looking downtown towards a practically white sky, I’m not sure  if that was the effect from the reflection of the sun against my cellphone or if it was something else. Whatever it was, it did make for a wild look for the Freedom Tower in the backdrop from Fifth avenue.

My last hurrah in the Big Apple, you can feel the brisk cold from yesterday emanating from the way the New Yorkers are carrying themselves. I love seeing energy in my pictures, it brings them to life.