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I never meant to make a city by night series but somehow I managed to do it with Boston, New York and now West Orange. LOL. Last night my husband and I went out to this huge dining venue in West Orange N.J with our friends who had also invited us to spend the night at their beautiful home. They surprised with an amazing treat, an all you can eat lobster buffet. I for one am not a fan of the buffet, but this one was no ordinary buffet, this was buffet as it was originally intended, all the food served in beautiful silverware vessels, conscientiously replaced very quickly and served to you by a professional waitstaff, always on hand to take away your plate when you had finished so you can get up to be served once again. There was no judgement to be had, you can be as gluttonous as you like, you were served with politeness and a smile.

The buffet had something for everyone, the assortment of vegetables was so appetizing, there were hearts of palm, asparagus, marinated vegetables, grilled vegetables and etc. There was prime rib, carved sur place for you and served with jus in a silver dish, there were so many varieties of pasta and rice dishes and don’t get me started on dessert.  I didn’t know where to start with the dessert area, there were crime brûlée, creme caramel, tarte aux pommes and chocolate desserts galore.

We laughed and ate like kings, when we got back to their place, we played a very interesting card game, Cards Against Humanity, again we laughed and laughed. The game reminded me of Mad Libs if you will, it was funny, naughty and outrageous all at once.

We had such a great time, I look forward to doing it again with our friends, they are so sweet and fun.