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We have never had a puppy like Stanley, he is unique on so many levels, the biggest surprise for us is how fast he is growing, I know I have said it before, but every time we come back from our travels, Stanley has grown at least an inch and a few pounds. What else is unique? The ardor of his affection, with his size comes his super sized hugs and he can overwhelm you with his vigorous physical affection. I’m not complaining, I love Stanley’s hugs, but with his 50 pounds, you need to be prepared when he decides that he wants to wrap his front legs and paws around you. I might start complaining when he tips the scales at 200 pounds. LOL

He also makes us laugh, what’s really funny is when Jack gets uppity and and yells at Stanley right up in his face. Stanley gets all forlorn and ducks his head down, Jack then walks away like a boss, it is too funny.

Our son was walking the dogs in the park, they came across a snowman and Stanley’s reaction, according to our son, was priceless, he was scared and started barking his big boy bark at the snowman, our son had to walk Stanley over to the snowman to show him, it was okay, the snowman wasn’t a bad man, Mister snowman was a good guy. We laughed imagining the whole scene with Jack and Lulu looking on with exasperation at their little brother.

Stanley is a gift, just like Jack is a gift, as well as our beauty lady Lulu. We are so lucky with our trio of dogs.