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Today was the first step towards fighting my diagnosis, my husband and I went through the doors of the radiation/oncology department where I was outfitted with my own personal protection mask.

I think my mask would be the envy of any science-fiction costume designer, my husband had seen the movie Ex-Machina without me, he was referencing that movie quite a bit before he was ushered out for the CT scan, I think I will have to see it on NetFlix to see what he was talking about, he piqued my curiosity.

Anyway the process was straight forward, the mask itself was very warm when they applied it to my face, neck and shoulders, the nurses used the warmth of the material to mold it exactly to my face, when they were satisfied with its fit, that is when I went through the CT scan. All in all, I think I was in the mask for about twenty minutes. I won’t sugar coat it, it was a bit challenging, not moving and having the mesh tight against my nose, lips and throat. I consciously thought of General Hospital and where I was in the storyline, I thought about the pine forests off the beach in France, I thought about how cool the technology was surrounding me, how much I wanted to push all of the buttons to see what the machines would do, most of all I thought to stay calm and relaxed.

Today was a good start to the adventure, a move forward through the process. My next step will be on the 18th, I hope it will be like today, but it probably won’t be, I won’t concentrate on that, I’ll continue to think good thoughts, it works better for me.