I was taken aback by this rosebush, I had just missed its blooms, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture its remaining petals, just look at how healthy its leaves are and their gorgeous deep green color. This is a welcome to 2016 I can embrace, I adore roses.

Stills from my hotel room, we are back at the InterContinental, we were two blocks away from the New Year’s Eve Rocking Party, we got to see a sliver of the lights and confetti, it was nice from the quiet of our room. I like being an old fuddy duddy on New Year’s Eve, it has become a tradition, watching the festivities from the comfort of my bed. Lol

 Balducci’s was a landmark store in the West Village when I was growing up, it had closed down several years ago which was so sad, it was a treasure trove of beautiful produce, French cheeses and Italian cured meats, we loved shopping there when I was young. So imagine my delight when I saw the name on this newish building, after I took the picture, my husband and I went inside and we were disappointed, instead of a exciting market, it is more like an expensive delicatessen, with ready made sandwiches and sushi. However the building did make for some nice pictures.