This morning we woke up to sleet, snow and freezing rain. You should have heard the local weather people, they were beyond panicked, it was weather every five minutes all through the early morning hours. I wasn’t worried about it, we had an early appointment with the radiologist oncologist, 8:00 a.m, I knew that driving slow and steady would get us there without trouble. We were only ten minutes late, 91 had traffic delays because there were a series of cars stuck on the side of the road, I suspect that these cars had been speeding when they shouldn’t have been, when you see snow or slush on the ground, slow and steady is the way to go.

My appointment went well, the radiology oncologist Dr. Hayder is kind, professional and patient. She fielded all of our questions and took her time explaining what I might expect from her department.

I am waiting for my appointment with the surgeon on January 6th, he is going to be the decision maker as to how long my chemo and radiation treatments will last, if he feels he can operate, my treatments will last about 5 weeks if he can’t operate than my treatments will last much longer. 

This is all still new and it is a great deal to process, I confess that sometimes my brain seems to wilt under the weight of my diagnosis, however I am committed to using my writing, my baking and every other tool in my arsenal of coping mechanisms to help myself through this challenging time. 

Thank goodness for my family, friends and Jack, Lulu and Stanley. They are lending me the strength to see this through in so many different ways, I am blessed.