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Look how pretty Lulu is with her new Christmas sweater, she is the height of classic elegance. Lulu didn’t move a muscle when our daughter put the new sweater over her head, it was almost as if Lulu knew how pretty she was going to look with the sweater on and was excited to show it off. As soon as she had it on, she ran to the side door waiting for us to put her halter on her so she can show her new outfit to the world. My husband corralled the dogs away from the side door with the reliable distraction of treats so I can take pictures of our beautiful Lulu.

Jack and Stanley sniffed around their sister, curious why she was all decked out and they weren’t, they are attention hounds the both of them, never content to let the spotlight off either of them. Well for this post, center stage is for Lulu, our beauty little lady.