This morning, the birds outside our window woke me up, a pleasant surprise because I had completely forgotten about the three Blue Jays flying around Watson Park that we had seen while we were walking Jack, Lulu and Stanley with Nathan yesterday. I keep forgetting that we are in fact in winter right now, the Winter Solstice was two days ago and Christmas is tomorrow! The birds are confusing me, they normally are long gone by now, I only get woken up by their sweet song sometime in April and their presence is throwing me off what the calendar is telling me to expect.

It’s weird, I am not complaining because I am enjoying popping out of the house minus my coat, but it is still weird and when you read the theories and the conjecture, it makes for some creative almost science fiction reading in some publications. I am going to go out on a limb and chalk it up to a strong El Ninio which is keeping the polar currents safely ensconced near the Artic Circle, we will eventually get our cold weather, but I am so hoping that we will escape the Polar Vortex this new year.

Other than that today will be busy, there is wrapping to do, presents to hide and food to prepare and then eat. The dogs will be underfoot in the kitchen as usual because the focus of the day’s events will be there as it should be, because what is a holiday without goodies and delectables?