In French these are called palmiers, in English elephant ears, they are layers and layers of buttery, flaky dough rolled in sugar and baked at a high temperature, so that the sugar caramelizes and the layers of dough rise, light and airy. I think of all of the cookies I have baked over the years, these are hands down everyone’s favorite.

I remember last year, when I was at my friend Mary’s Christmas cookie swap, some faces were crestfallen when I had unveiled the Breton butter cookies I had baked for the gathering, instead of these much to their chagrin, though the Breton butter cookies have as much butter in them as these do, but the texture isn’t the same, the butter cookies have a nice crumbly texture perfect for dunking in milk, whereas the palmiers are nice and crunchy, fall apart in your mouth and melt on your tongue. The poor ladies were disappointed, they had tried to cover it up, but they failed. Lol 

This year the palmier cookies are staying at home, the children are very happy about it, more for them!