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I made my Christmas time caramels au beurre sale yesterday, as tradition warrants, I make them for my family, my husband’s colleagues and my friends. Today I spent quite a bit of time cutting the caramels into bite size pieces and wrapping them in parchment paper. 

I learned something new this time around, while I was waiting for the caramels to set up in the refrigerator, I was nervous that I had let them cook too long, I had burned my finger accidently when I poured the hot cream into the boiling sugar and so it made stirring and monitoring the caramel difficult. When I tried to unmold the caramel from my glass loaf pan, it wouldn’t budge, it was a pretty hard piece of caramel candy and that is when inspiration burst in my head. I filled a saucepan with water and lowered the loaf pan with the caramel in the simmering water, wouldn’t you know it, the caramel softened right out of the loaf pan. I put the caramel back in the refrigerator so that I could take of it today, getting it ready for present giving during the holiday season.

I grabbed some empty jars, my holiday themed wired ribbon and some tissue paper and tried to create something festive, I think the jars look nice. I really enjoy making goodies as presents instead of buying something from the store.. It feeds my creativity and it keeps me occupied.