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My mother and I went into the city to have lunch at Vesso’s, the thin crust pizza place we adore, and afterwards we walked to Lord and Taylor’s, Macy’s and Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Windows and the lights decorating everything from the trees, to the windows and the storefronts. This did in fact give me a few hours distraction from dwelling on the questions swirling around my brain. I haven’t heard yet from the doctor as to when my ultrasound is scheduled, so I still don’t know how deep the tumor is embedded in my esophagus, and not knowing exactly what lies around the corner in 2016 is a little unsettling. So I am grateful for the holidays because I don’t think there can be a better distraction than Santa, beautiful decorations, the Christmas spirit  and friends and family. I am grabbing these distractions by the lapel and embracing them fully.

There is so much talent and creativity evident in these stunning windows at Lord & Taylor’s, they are a tourist attraction themselves during the holiday season. The crowds weren’t unruly, everyone seemed to be in mellow moods, I wonder if the mild weather had any bearing on the good spirits?

Today was another good day.