My spirits aren’t low, but I’m a little frustrated because I am in a holding pattern, waiting for a treatment plan, and my imagination is whirling around. I am focused on the idea that I will only need surgery, but the odds of that aren’t too high, according to my oncologist it is only 10% of early stage cancer patients that get by with only surgery. The other 90% of early detection cases still have to follow the chemotherapy and radiation protocol before surgery, a little daunting to contemplate.

I was thinking about my hair, if my hair falls out, it will grow back more white than brown, lol. I have had short hair a few times over the years, so it doesn’t frighten me, I’m more nervous about eyebrows and eyelashes, that would be tough.

I like to pride myself on my lack of vanity, but I am vain when the it really comes down to it. 

Now I have Carly Simon’s song “You’re so Vain” stuck in my head, lol.