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Our daughter spent yesterday afternoon making cheese Danishes, her first time and they were delicious! She made them because she had promised her very good friend two years ago that she would make him cheese Danishes, well yesterday he got his wish. Trust me when I say that they were more then worth the wait, I had made cheese Danishes myself some time ago, my source of inspiration was my mother, mine weren’t as delicious as our daughter’s. Our daughter’s friend made out better than my mother did. 😀

She not only made tasty Danishes, but she remains the queen of chocolate chip cookies. Her cookies are to die for and I make sure that when she is preparing to make them, she has people lined up to eat those cookies, she can’t leave me alone with her cookies because once I have one, I can’t stop, I haven’t the proper discipline necessary to stop at one.

There I admitted it, I am powerless over my daughter’s cookies and her baking powers in general. LOL

She has talent, that one.