Today has been a wonderful day, we took our Stanley to the vet’s for his rabies and parvo vaccines and the vet told us that Stanely rates an A+ in overall health and temperament, we left beaming like the proud puppy parents that we are, softly telling Stanley that he’s the man. lol

We then headed over to my Gastroenterologist and he told us that the CAT scan with contrast revealed nothing spreading out of the esophagus, it seems to be all localized within the esophagus which is fantastic news, the cancer was caught early, a huge deal. I am really pleased with that development. He scheduled my first visit to the oncologist for tomorrow at 1:15 which is even more good news, my doctor is being very proactive and getting me seen as soon as possible, I feel very good about my doctor and his approach, I’m sure I’ll be just as comfortable with the oncologist when I meet him tomorrow.

And as if this day couldn’t get any better, the kids surprised us with the tree up and ready to be trimmed. I’m pretty sure that our Christmas tree will be all decorated by the end of this evening. 

I tried to take some fun selfies with Stanley and Jack, Lulu wanted to stay outside, but it is a lot harder than it looks, Stanley and Jack were very squirrelly so the pictures look really loopy lol.



 I took one crazy picture of Jack and Stanley playfighting and it is a doozy of a picture. You see teeth in movement, I liked its ferocity.