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I speedily took these pictures Thursday night when I was in the city with my mother and her best friend. We were searching for a quiet Mexican restaurant, something not as easy as one would think to find, most Mexican restaurants in the area were packed and blasting music, two things that made those restaurants off limits for us, loud music is a mood killer not just for my mother but for me as well. I am a stick in the mud for certain things, loud music in a restaurant is a concrete deal breaker for me.

We eventually found a quiet Mexican place, it primarily served as a takeout place, but it had tables and chairs and a menu so we gave it a shot. We were pleasantly surprised, I had a fajitta quesadilla, it was excellent, the tortillas were perfectly grilled and it was chock full of onions, peppers, shredded cheese and chorizos, I shared it with my mother and her friend, they had tacos, and we devoured everything we had ordered.

We may not have eaten where we had initially planned, but we kept our minds open to other posssibilities and we found something really great.