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We are such naughty dog parents, our son sent a video to his father showing all three dogs reacting to our life-size  Grinch, Jack wasn’t fazed because he was familiar with the Grinch, but Lulu and Stanley had quite the reaction and the Grinch wasn’t even turned on at the time.

These two videos are mine and by the time we got home, the motley crew had had a chance to calm down and acclimate themselves with the Grinch’s presence so when we turned on the Grinch, the reaction was pretty  subdued, I have to confess that we were mildly disappointed, we were expecting a bigger reaction from Stanley, kind of like the reaction Rex used to have towards our vacuum cleaner, that’s why I said we were naughty parents, we shouldn’t tease our dogs, but sometimes it’s so tempting when you know it’s all in innocent fun. Wait until we dig out our singing Chipmunks! lol