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 I suppose hangover may be the wrong word for how I feel because I don’t drink, but between all of the work, the aromas, the constant focus and calculations, the coordination and the heavy lifting, I feel hungover. lol But like many a day after, I don’t regret it because I had fun, I love cooking  and creating, so even if the next day I may feel like crawling, I never say never again, I just say give me a minute, I mean a day or two to recover and then we can go at it  again. lol

My husband took most of these pictures and he did all of the decorating and the presentation, he has a lot of talent in those areas, much more than I do and I am more than happy to have him take over because that takes all of the pressure off me and allows me to concentrate on what I love best, poking around the kitchen, making sure that everything comes out alright.

  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I know how fortunate we are, I try to never forget that, it is something I want to be mindful of each and every day.